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Awesome Features

just a few good reasons to try now!

shadow Use any CAD MeshCAM supports your CAD

Use with any 3D CAD

MeshCAM uses the STL and DXF file formats to load parts. These two formats are supported by almost every 3D CAD program on the market now. This almost guarantees that you'll be able to keep using the same CAD program you already use

shadow Configurable post-processor Use MeshCAM with any mill or router

Works with any CNC Mill/Router

MeshCAM comes with built-in support for Mach3 and EMC2 machine controllers so you can get started immediately. If you have something different it's no problem to have us modify the post processor to work with any gcode-based machine. Whether you have a hobby CNC router made of MDF or an industrial CNC machining center, MeshCAM works with it.

shadow Hobby CNC Toolpath Sophisticated toolpaths that save you time

Tons of Toolpath Options

MeshCAM has more toopath options than any hobby CNC software on the market. It includes multiple roughing and finishing toolpath with lots of options to speed up machining times and quality. This is a nice feature in any CAM software but it's critical for hobby users who generally have machines that are not capable of moving at high speeds.

shadow Image Machining Start machining without CAD

Image Machining

MeshCAM comes with a built-in image machining mode that automatically converts JPGs and PNGs into machinable 3D objects- no CAD required! Use this to create signs, lithpanes, or engravings. Get new users up and running quickly on CNC without needing to know traditional CAD.

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